Dental Services

At Brummett Family Dental we provide our clients with the following dental services and procedures.

Our Services

General Dentistry

We provide our clients with general dentistry services. We aim to examine your teeth and provide you with the best solution and form of procedures to help maintain healthy looking teeth and gums. Read More »

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

We understand the pain that can be associated with extractions and the removal of wisdom teeth. By having regular dental check-ups, we can perhaps plan ahead when it comes to wisdom teeth before that start to grow sideways or cause other problems. Read More »

Crowns & Veneers

Let the team at Brummett Family Dental give you that beautiful perfect smile back. You may need to have crowns or veneers inserted and we are definitely the right dental surgeon to do the job. Read More »

Our Services

Root Canals

Some of the reasons that you may need a root canal include pain from the tooth or an abscess. We remove the pulp or the middle of the tooth and then proceed to fill it in. this means that you are left with the outer shell of your tooth and the middle and top are filled and sealed. Read More »

Dentures & Partials

Whether you need full dentures or partials; Brummett Family Dental will give you the confidence to show you're new or filled in set of teeth again. Come in for an examination and we will work out what is best for you. Read More »

Teeth Cleaning & Whitening

It is really important for the health of your teeth and gums to have regular teeth cleaning procedures. If you would also like to go that one step further we can also offer you teeth whitening services too. Read More »


Gone are the days when you had a filling and it had to be silver looking and perhaps stood out when you laughed. Nowadays you can choose to have a colored filling which means you can get rid of the problem and have it blend in with your own teeth color. Read More »

Pediatric Dentistry

As adults we can tend to be a bit weary of going to the dentist because of past experiences or the imagined pain involved. So, when it comes to children it is our goal to provide special pediatric dentistry services to ease the experience for kids. Read More »


Teeth implants may be an option for you to fill in any gaps you have due to the removal or loss of teeth. The implants are an artificial tooth that will be inserted into the gums. It can be an expensive procedure but you can't put a price on a perfect smile and dental hygiene. Read More »


Dentistry has come so far and invisalign is proof of that. Braces that are clear in color? Yes, invisalign allows you to have the benefits of braces without looking like you have a mouth full of metal. Read More »