How Tooth-Colored Fillings Give You the Perfect Smile


It is very important to identify that a tooth problem exists, before you attempt to seek professional help. Unfortunately, the symptoms of initial tooth decay may not be noticeable at all. If you have omitted going for a regular dental checkup, you might not notice the decay till the time it reaches the mid-layer of the tooth/teeth. This soft layer is positioned between the enamel of the tooth and the pulp and is known as dentin. If this decay is not detected and has reached the pulp you might not have many options in terms of the dental treatment you can undergo.

The Best Advice and Treatment

Regardless of whether the decay is in the initial stages, has infringed upon the dentin or had touched the pulp, Brummett Family Dental will advice you about what is best suited for the condition. We will assess the tooth and decide the best plan of action. In the case of tooth decay, fillings are an ideal option. Today, these are tooth colored and do not mar your smile or your appearance. These are also known as white fillings and are very safe in comparison to the conventional silver amalgam fillings that were commonly used a few years ago.

The Best Products


We use the highest-quality composite resin, tooth-colored fillings in the cosmetic dentistry procedures that we carry out. Everyone has different colored teeth and we ensure that the fillings that are used are matched to your specific teeth color. We also provide tooth whitening services that go a long way in giving you a dazzling smile. Depending on the condition of the tooth, we might suggest inlays. When the tooth damage extends beyond the indented top surfaces, inlays are the best option.

These are different from fillings and are tooth-colored as well. If the tooth decay has gone too deep, we suggest that dental implants be used. In most cases, fillings can be completed in a single visit after the decay has been cleaned out. Inlays are a little different and a couple of visits will be required for them. Our expert and experienced dentists will suggest the best options for you, based on how deep the decay is.

Timely Treatment is Important

The important thing to remember is that that you should never ignore any symptoms of tooth decay. If you feel a tingling sensation in your teeth when you eat or drink anything hot, cold or sweet, it is crucial that you get a dental check-up without delay. The best way of avoiding tooth decay is to come in for regular dental checkups, twice a year.

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