Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

Why Extractions & Wisdom Teeth removal are important

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

It is very dangerous to keep any impacted wisdom teeth in the mouth as they will only continue growing into your jaw and lead to misalignment. In some cases, they may also grow sideways into the neighboring teeth. This increases the pressure between the teeth and they can become crooked. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, it is important that you consult a dentist about an extraction.

Brummett Family Dental offers top-of-the-line dental services and we also deal with extractions & wisdom teeth removal. We start by taking x-rays to check if the wisdom teeth have got impacted. The same procedure is followed for badly-decayed teeth. By examining these x-rays, we will then decide whether you need to undergo a surgical procedure. We explain the entire tooth extraction procedure and tell you exactly how it is performed. Wisdom teeth are extremely sensitive and need to be handled with care. A couple of days will also be required for recovery.

The Procedure

Depending on the severity of the impacted wisdom tooth, you will be administered general or local anesthesia. This decision may also be taken dependant on the number of wisdom teeth that need to be extracted. This extraction procedure might take between 1 and 4 hours. First, an incision will be made in the gums, after which the tooth will be extracted. If the tooth is embedded very firmly in the gums, it might have to be removed in pieces. Our dentists will take this decision based on how deep the tooth is impacted in your jaw.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

There are times when small sections of the jaw might have to be whittled to help in removal of the wisdom tooth. The recovery period time-frame will be dependent on the severity of the tooth condition. Once extraction of the affected tooth is complete, the gums will then be stitched up. You will also be prescribed a pain killer and an antibiotic for a few days post the surgery.

Post-Operative Care

It takes a minimum of 2-4 weeks for the spot to be completely healed. You will have to consume only juices and soft food for a few days after the wisdom tooth extraction. We will also schedule the follow-up appointment for you. This helps us determine if the wound is healing up in the way it should. If everything is the way it should be, the stitches will then be removed. It takes 1 to 4 days to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

Expert Attention

Extraction of any other teeth is not so complicated and the healing and recovery time is also much shorter. Extraction and wisdom teeth removal is a complex procedure. We at Brummett Family Dental take extreme care and follow all the right procedures while it is being carried out. We have very satisfied patients in the surrounding areas such as Berea, Danville, and Campbellsville who come to our facilities at 3876 South Highway 27, Somerset KY, 42501.