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Pediatric Dentist, Somerset, KY

We are considered as the most child-friendly dental clinic in Somerset by clients who have been returning to us for their kids’ oral care needs. Our pediatric dentist is, actually, among the most sought-after dental practitioners in the state, so it’s safe to claim that your child’s great oral health is assured with us.

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A Dedicated Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

Kids’ and adolescents’ oral health requirements are hugely different from those of adults. For example, the treatment or attitude towards little children and young teens is tenderer when compared with how adults are treated. The good news is that we have in our team a pediatric dentist who is well adept in handling dental issues and problems of children.

Our dedicated dentist possesses expertise that is geared towards making kids and teens fully relaxed and confident each time they visit our clinic. For example, our dentist understands child psychology aside from having deep knowledge of child development and special needs. Such familiarity and expert knowledge of the clients’ behavior and needs make our dentist very effective at what he does.

Dental Services Tailored for Children

Brummett Family Dental is one of the very few clinics in Kentucky that offer services specifically catering to kids’ and adolescents’ oral health concerns. We provide both preventive oral health care and primary dental services for children well into their early adulthood.

Among the various pediatric dentistry services that we offer include:

  • Wisdom tooth extraction. Our dentist can handle this very delicate (and for kids, nerve-wracking) procedure like a real pro. We promise that the entire process will be as painless and relaxed as possible so your kid will not be visibly scared the whole time.

  • Fillings. We use only the finest quality dental fillings to make sure that the teeth will not look visibly different. Our composite resin fillings are specifically suited and chosen to perfectly match the clients’ teeth color.

  • Teeth cleaning and whitening. Your precious kids deserve pearly whites so they will be very confident in front of others. We can perform scheduled oral prophylaxis or teeth cleaning, as well as whitening, to maintain and promote healthy gum and teeth.

  • Root canals. Root canals are easily some of the most dreaded dental procedures for adults and children alike. Our aim is to make this experience as uneventful as possible for your kids. Our pediatric dentist knows the perfect conditioning techniques to ensure that your kid will be relaxed and at ease prior to the actual procedure.

Fun and Relaxing Visits to Our Dentist

Pediatric Dentist, Somerset, KY Our clinic ensures that your child will have a fun and wonderful experience with our pediatric dentist. Our jolly staff and friendly dentist will treat your kid as their own and establish a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Rest assured that your kid will not dread but instead look forward to the idea of a return visit to our clinic.

We Are Strategically Located

Our clinic in Somerset is a strategic location that clients can easily go to. Additionally, our office hours are designed to accommodate as many clients as possible during convenient times. We also have excellent scheduling/appointment for child patients so they will only visit us during off-school hours.

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