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Dental Q&A

How long will a crown last?

On an average, a crown will last for 12 years. Good quality crowns can last for 10-15 years and even more. In some cases, they can also last for up to 40 years. Most insurance companies offer a 5 year cover for a crown. This restoration is quite a permanent one and is an ideal alternative to cover a damaged tooth.

How long will there be bleeding post an extraction or a surgery?

This will vary from one patient to the next. For 20 minutes to 1 hour, there will be a significant amount of bleeding and a little seepage will continue after an hour. The important thing is to maintain a little pressure and replace the gauze if the bleeding does not subside within an hour. If there is uncontrolled bleeding, go back to your dentist immediately.

Are regular dental checkups necessary?

Regardless of how well you look after your teeth, cavities will form in them at some point in your lifetime. If you ignore a cavity and leave it untreated it can lead to more complicated dental issues. It is essential to get a dental checkup 2 times a year. Any problems can be detected and treated before they escalate.

There is no pain in my teeth. Is there a chance that I still have dental problems?

Though most dental problems are accompanied with a certain amount of pain or sensitivity, there are times when a cavity might not bother you till it gets aggravated. Regular dental checkups solve this issue.

My tooth got knocked-out, what do I do?

If a healthy and permanent tooth has got knocked-out while playing or during an accident, it is possible to have it re-implanted. You will have to clean the tooth under running water, place it in the socket without delay and get to a dentist immediately.

What do I do if a temporary crown falls off?

If there is no pain, let the crown stay off and schedule an appointment with a dentist. He/she will re-cement it for you temporarily. You can also buy a temporary cement kit from a pharmacy in case you cannot get to a dentist soon.

Why is my temporary bridge/ crown sensitive?

A temporary restoration is just a plastic covering that is used to cover the live section of the tooth. It is quite normal for these temporary restorations to be slightly sensitive. If the sensitivity is extreme, or if the pain is severe, further treatment might be required. A permanent restoration provides more insulation and is thus not sensitive.

Will My Permanent Bridge/crown/veneer look like the temporary one?

No. The finish, fit, texture, shape and color of a permanent restoration are much more superior to a temporary one.

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