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Dental Care Somerset, KY

Not many Kentucky residents are fortunate enough to have a reliable dental care service provider. While there are dozens of clinics all over Somerset, Mt. Vernon, and Monticello, not all of them offer the same level of expertise and patient care that we at Brummett Family Dental have been providing for decades. Given that oral health is part of keeping oneself confident, clients like you should truly think twice before entering the first clinic that you see or recommended by friends or colleagues.

Our clinic has been among the leading dental practices in the entire state, and we have thousands of clients who can attest to our exceptional kind of service. As a father-son endeavor, we accord special care and a high level of attention to clients’ needs. We don’t treat them as paying customers but as part of our extended family, and we have their well-being in mind.

With dental care offerings that pretty much take care of every possible concern, we at Brummett Family Dental are definitely your best pick.

Comprehensive Dental Care Services

We aim to make you and all other clients in Somerset, KY and in nearby cities as comfortable as possible by offering comprehensive dental care services. We want clients to have only one dental clinic in mind for all their dental concerns and needs. Among others, we provide expert general dentistry services, which include extractions, root canals, fluoride treatments, filling and sealant applications, as well as oral examinations and cleaning.

We also provide pediatric dentistry, a specialized discipline that deals with rendering dental services to kids and adolescents. We offer primary teeth care and tooth decay prevention procedures. We likewise give them valuable knowledge of taking care of their teeth and ensuring their overall oral health and hygiene. Our approach is tailor fit to address children’s specific dental care needs.

Additionally, we offer cosmetic dentistry services, such as putting crowns and veneers to damaged teeth. We also do dentures and partials and specialize in dental implants. Moreover, we offer the revolutionary Invisalign product, which is a special brace material that is not easily visible to other people.

The Brummett Family Dental Advantage

Our dentists at Brummett Family Dental provide personalized dental care that perfectly addresses each client’s specific needs. We serve every age bracket – adults, adolescents, and children – with special care and attention to their particular dental concerns.

We’re known for our premium services that have helped countless Somerset residents wear confident smiles and achieve healthier teeth. We’re recognized and accredited by industry organizations, and we have solid credentials as dental practitioners.

We also offer flexible payment options, financing terms, and we have several accredited insurance companies. This way, clients like you won’t have to worry about not being able to avail your needed dental service.

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We’re conveniently located at 3876 S. Highway 27, Somerset, so you can visit our clinic anytime during business hours. If you have questions, you may reach us through phone at (606) 679-5328. Contact us today and let us provide you with affordable and expert dental care service.

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